About us

The White Art of Making Pizza Dough

Ciao! We are Peter & Stefan, two guys from Holland.

I can hear you thinking…..Holland……windmills, tulips, wooden shoes, Dutch cheese….

Sorry, on MakingPizzaDough.com none of that. We love good pizza.

And no, we are not professional pizzaioli. Peter is photographer. And Stefan runs a Dutch pizza-webshop and publishing company.

Did we mention yet that we both love a good pizza?

Making a truely great pizza is science

The thing is, making your own pizza at home is great stuff. But it is not the easiest thing on earth. Making a truely great pizza is science. There are some secrets to be discovered. And skills to be learned.

We started MakingPizzaDough.com because deep in our hearts we would love to know what the real pizzaioli know.

We want to be able to do what they can. In our own little way.

In our search for information, we found that really good pizza knowledge is kind of hard to find. It took us a while, but we figured out why this is the case…
Being a true pizzaiolo is not just some profession, it’s a craft. The art of making pizza is passed on from father to son. And from maestro to student.

We don’t pretend to be pizzaioli. We are not. We’re just two guys who love to bake a great pizza. In our own search we did find some of the real sectrets to making great pizza dough. We are sharing what we have learned about great pizza here – with you – on MakingPizzaDough.com